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Official Pine 64 Site
The official website for the Pine 64 where orders can be placed for all things Pine.
Official Pine 64 Forum
The official forum for the Pine 64 where you can interact with other Pine users.
Official Pine 64 Wiki
The official wiki for the Pine 64 where you can get info & downloads for all things Pine.
Official Pine 64 Kickstarter
The official kickstarter page for the Pine 64 where the Pine 64's journey started.
Mainline Linux Development
This site contains all info regarding the Mainlining efforts for AllWinner based SOCs.
Longsleep's Github
Pine community member/developer Longsleep's Github page containing his Linux BSP efforts.
Ayufan's Github
Pine community member/developer Ayufan's Github page containing his Linux/Android BSP efforts.
Notice To All Visitors
Hello folks, just wanted to let you all know that we are currently upgrading various modules here at Pine 64 Pro.

With these new upgrades registered members will be able to submit articles/tutorials, showcase their Pine 64 Projects and communicate with other members. Along with the previously mentioned additions all tutorial content will be tied into/cross shared with Pine 64's official site(s).

Once all upgrades have been completed we will notify everyone via email.

Thanks for your patience,

Lenny Raposo.
Pine 64 Developer Fund