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FAQs - Remix OS

Frequently Asked Questions About Remix OS

What Versions Of Remix OS Work On The Pine64?
Currently the official supported version is Remix OS 2 which is currently in beta.
Will Remix OS Run On The Pine A64 Model?
In short no. You must have the Pine A64+ model with 1gb or 2gb of RAM in order to run Remix OS. For best results the 2gb model is recommended.
How Do I Burn A Remix OS Image Onto The SD Card?
A Remix OS image requires the Phoenix Card utility for Windows in order to be burned to disk. When burning an image with the utility remember to select the Startup option under the Write Mode section.
Why Does Remix OS Hang On Startup Or Not Boot?
There are a number of possibilities as to why it is hanging or not booting.

-On first boot please refrain from connecting an ethernet cable. After you have successfully booted into a desktop UI you can safely connect the ethernet.
-Please check that you are using a properly rated power supply that provides 5 volts 2 amps.
-Ensure your USB cable is not the problem. Shorter cables are preferred as longer cables provide more resistance. We recommend using USB cables that are no greater than 1 foot (30 cm) for the best results.
-Finally make sure your SD card is not a counterfeit. For more details on how to detect counterfeit disks click here.
Why Is My Screen Cropped With Remix OS?
This is an issue with overscan on your TV/monitor. One way to correct the problem is to go through your TV/Monitor options. Usually there is an option to zoom/fit to screen/fullscreen. If there are no options within your TV/monitor settings you will have to wait for a newer version of Remix OS that will include overscan setting options.
Is There A Rooted Version Of Remix OS?
Unfortunately no, there currently isn't a rooted version of Remix OS.
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