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AdministratorJune 10th 2016
The latest update posted to the Pine 64 Kickstarter page for the community to view. A full transcript of what has been posted is available for viewing here or on the Kickstarter page.
Hey Guys
We want to address some of the issues happening recently.

1) Response Times - Response times on email is still at 10 days, sending an email everyday will not help with response times. more than 1/2 of the requests on tracking deliveries result in a delivered package by the time we respond.

A: We are currently working on clearing emails still from May 21st. A lot of those requests on shipping have already been delivered.

2) Untrackable Numbers - This has been our biggest ordeal. If you package was dispatched May 27 - June 3, we are experiencing issues with the shipping company. If your tracking number starts with LS and ends with CN or it starts with LM and ends with CN, these shipments are effected. May 27, we dispatched more than 3000 packages in 1 day, and the local post office refused to scan each individual package and skimped out scanning any packages. This resulted in a catastrophe that we are still resolving. Many of the LS and LM shipments have been delivered but tracking number still stays unavailable. We're currently still resolving this dispute.

3) USPS Facility - The local USPS facility where we ship our units out have also been overwhelmed and have refused to pick up large truckful of packages as their facility is unable to handle the packages dropped off. We have been driving vanful of packages to the distribution center 20 minutes away daily to help with processing shipping. Distribution center sends a box truck to pick up the packages every end of the week.

Our team of 4 in Silicon Valley has been working mainly on support and USA logistics while the Asia team is working on finishing up shipping (we have around 2200 packages left)

4) ABS Enclosures from the factory are finally done (we mentioned previously that they had a issue with making the mold wrong)
It's in mass production and those that ordered the Playbox or ABS case will receive it separately from their order.

5) Z-Wave Modules - those that ordered Z-Wave modules will receive the units last along with the ABS case if you ordered one as programming for the Z-Wave is not finished yet. Alot of this we didnt expect as we do not manufacture the modules. We were told that it's ready in 2 weeks.

Please do not comment on tracking numbers below, as we cant individually respond to each comment. Our priority now is to figure out the untrackable numbers, as this is a major issue, and we have slowed down the distribution to only a few packages a day so they get individually scanned. If you received a tracking number that starts with LS or LM, and it has been 2+ weeks, please email us at shipping@pine64.com with your tracking number. We have been working diligently with the post office and local shipping facility to track down the issues.

It's not our intention to ignore or delay responses.. it is just quite frankly, too many inquiries a day for us to handle if we are still shipping everyday. We're not here to scam your take your money and we have been shipping every day since March. There was just a lot of issues with 3rd party manufacturers on the slight delays and now we'd expect when paying $3-6k a day in shipping labels, the shipping company would be cooperative. But we're sure - like us, the local shipping facilities are also overwhelmed with sudden large shipment numbers. We've had people file complaints with the State Attorney General, threats from a lawyer.. while you guys have every right to complain as for some people, it has been 2-3 months late on delivery. But please.. it does not help speed up shipping processes, only delay them.

We will get through every message, given time, and we hope once we get to each message, the package have been delivered or resolved. We have been shipping 2nd shipments out to certain customers only to find out in the end they receive two packages.

Note: There are also around 1000 of you guys that DID NOT fill out your survey for shipping address. if you didnt: http://pine64.backerkit.com is where you need to go to finalize your shipping address.

Thank You.
Notice To All Visitors
Hello folks, just wanted to let you all know that we are currently upgrading various modules here at Pine 64 Pro.

With these new upgrades registered members will be able to submit articles/tutorials, showcase their Pine 64 Projects and communicate with other members. Along with the previously mentioned additions all tutorial content will be tied into/cross shared with Pine 64's official site(s).

Once all upgrades have been completed we will notify everyone via email.

Thanks for your patience,

Lenny Raposo.
Pine 64 Developer Fund