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Pine 64 Pro Statement
The intention of this site is to share information, provide resources and not to take away from the Official Pine 64 Forum or Wiki in any way, shape or form. It is here to augment and refine information regarding the Pine 64.

Anything and Everything that goes up on this Tutorial/Resource site will be duplicated and added to the Official Pine 64 Wiki and/or Forum where ever applicable. We will also provide useful information to the SunXI Linux Team that pertains to Mainline Linux Kernel development.

In addition to the above all sharing of information will be limited to only Tutorials and Resources (software, patches, images etc). We will not disclose private/personal information to any third party without asking for consent, with the exception of information posted publicly on this site by the user (comment submissions, tutorial authors, etc).

Furthermore, as this is a community effort, a select group of individuals will be taking in tutorials, OS images, software and useful information from those in the community who wish to add to the knowledge base for the Pine 64.

We will test all tutorials, software and images submitted, then refine/edit before posting it to this site and to the Official Pine 64 sites.

Please note that this is not an Official Pine 64 site, but it will provide a level of access to the Pine 64 Team for the single purpose of doubling efforts in building a large and prosperous community.

Think of it as a Debian/Ubuntu or Android/Linux kind of relationship.
Administrator - Lenny Raposo